Who we are

Welcome to African fashion Copenhagen, we are an organisation that create projects that capture new trends and tendencies in african inspired fashion. We work toward inspire with connecting beauty from different cultures . We aim to host a yearly fashion week with an emphasis on the dynamics of people being inspired of each other expressions and cultural references.


We are currently working on various projects in collaboration with artists and designers. We are working towards a new establishment that all us to create projects that are way more focused in areas of culture fusions. We host meetings to discuss projects and responsibilities. We also have a few networking meetings that gives people interested in these projects a better understanding of , how people can benefit from each other. There are terms and conditions for participation in these meetings, to share more knowledge and ideas.


We are looking to collaborate with different organizations or individuals that would like to participate in our projects or pitch Us a project we can take part in. Mainly there is three ways of engagement. We are constantly looking to create value within and for our partners. We are cautious with our image and identity and wish to create Win-Win situations. We love to talk about stuff and build ideas and visions with people. But end of the day, we want to have written agreements on the things we engage in and carry out.


The team behind AFCPH is mainly international open-minded people with different ethnicities.We work for multicultural viewpoints and diversity in art & fashion. We are based on the umbrella organization, Water2roots. This organisation has great values in equality and diversity , lifestyle, learning and empowerment of youth, through sport, music, fashion, political activity. Based on values that make the world a better place for all.


The African fashion Copenhagen is a fashion project, that has focus on acknowledging and pay tribute to Africa fashion and its powerful influence on western fashion culture…

KIGALI FASHION WEEK is an annual fashion event that takes place twice a year. It is a platform that promotes Rwandan creative industry in fashion and modelling; the event attracts international attention with both designers and models from across the globe. Kigali fashion week was appointed as a founder member on the commonwealth fashion council in London. This platform will open up a wider door for Rwandan fashion industry in over 53 countries in the commonwealth. Kigali fashion week in partnership with Rwanda cultural fashion show have created the first ever Rwanda fashion council a regulatory body that will manage and promote the image of fashion industry in Rwanda and the region as a whole.

AFRICAN FASHION WEEK is an initiative that supports multiculturalism in fashion. It will build on many different ethnic cultural designs and peoples who are helping to shape another view in fashion industry we all take part in. The event should be a yearly event, which is being knitted together a 3 day program over a weekend featuring African fashion. Promoting a consciousness of clothing and products within the fashion industry, on the other hand. Each year will feature new fashion themes, as an interest designers undertakes. The event itself will be expressed in the form of a fashion show and established stands. It is extremely important that in a society organized events that views diversity as an enrichment of society and focus on the positive things different cultures and people have to offer. We hope African fashion week cph can help to create more insight and understanding of our differences. Help to create a scene which brings into focus on values, ethics and morals within clothing industry. Help to put create a platform for a lot of different themes. As such first year could offer African contemporary modern designs, fashion through stories and African traditional fashion as the focus point one of the days.


African fashion Copenhagen collaborates with African fashion designers based in Africa & Denmark
Danish fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs and sponsors
Ms. Hanne Zachariassen founder of “ASFALT” fashion Line Hvass founder of “VITA VASS” fashion line
“Rwandan house of fashion”
official sponsor and supporter Ms. Rose kabuye.
Mr. John bunyeshuli the CEO “Of house of fashion” and creator of Kigali fashion week & Rwanda next top model.


AFRICAN FASHION COPENHAGEN is a profit corporation based in Denmark that promotes and supports African fashion industry and entrepreneurship.

Project director Cynthia Deogracies model and African fashion activist
Project co-director Machindano African activist and performing artist.